I am, at heart, a storyteller, born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I graduated with a degree in Furniture Design and a concentration in archaeology at Rhode Island School of Design, and studied character animation at Animation Mentor

Through the exploratory nature of design, I studied paradoxical concepts, such as ‘less is more’, which manifested into naturally intuitive objects and forms. Some of my inspirations derived from my fascination with systems in nature and appreciation of seemingly unassuming aspects of everyday life. However, my main source of inspiration stemmed from my love of stories and the way a good story has the ability to impact and stay with its audience regardless of time or age. This simple yet powerful quality of storytelling was what led me to furniture design, in the pursuit of achieving the same impact through furniture’s inherent influence in people’s everyday lives. 

The process of design led to the visualization and actualization of ideas in 3D programs such as Rhino, which allowed me to build not only furniture but buildings, environments, and people. My emphasis on concept and storytelling naturally led me to transition to the world of animation, where I now study 3D character animation and improve my narratives in hopes of creating work and stories that people will enjoy and remember. 

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